AFW Spotlight: Marc Daniels from ISAORA

With Aspen Fashion Week 2012 only days away, we wanted to talk with Marc Daniels, designer and co-founder of ISAORA about why loves Aspen.

What is Aspen style? 
Hmmm. for me Aspen style is the amalgamation of the ridiculous and the perfect, the spot-on and the way-off, the flawless diamonds and the Nike SB’s.

Do you ski or ride? Did you get new gear for ’11/12?
Ummmm. I ride and ride. As for the new gear, well when it comes to clothes we got that covered, so many jackets, it’s hard to choose. My Yes – 155 / Great Beauties of History / has been take me places all winter.

What do you wear on powder days? 
ISAORA & ISAORA, on the top I wear our in penetrable Tech 2-L PCM Riding Anorak, on top of our made in New York City, 100% merino, Thermal One-piece Mash-up.

What is your favorite for performance?
Despite you thinking that I’m sounding like broken record – ISAORA.

What’s your favorite store for basics?
The Gallerie

What’s your favorite store to splurge?
The Gallerie

How do you après in Aspen?

Most stylish barstool in Aspen?
Whichever one I’m sitting on.

Sorrels or stilettos?

Duct tape?
This isn’t Jackson.

Where do you off-season?

My other ride is
Kioko, my Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Favorite Aspen local?
I’ll tell you after AFW

Favorite Aspen sighting?
Anyone who is wearing ISAORA

Favorite Aspen “moment”?
First time I hiked Highland Bowl

Marc sounds like a local already; he knows the local spots, the style and the attitude! The entire AFW team is eagerly awaiting the Isaora presentation Sunday night at The Chateau. It is sure to be a show you won’t want to miss. See you there!