Partner News: Krochet Kids intl.

If you are looking for a company with an amazing message and a stylish product, then look no further than Krochet Kids International.  The company slogan, “buy a hat. change a life,” really sums it all up.  This incredible non–profit organization is based on the premise of empowering people to rise above poverty.  Aspen Fashion Week is thrilled to have Krochet Kids International as one of our non-profit partners for 2012.

It all started with three high school guys who loved having unique headwear on the mountain.  The trio began crocheting and they quickly recognized that their hobby could turn into a business. After spending college summers in various nations around the world, they realized that they could teach crochet as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty.

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Sponsor News: William Grant & Sons and Winter Cocktail Recipes

Of course Aspen Fashion Week is about the clothes, but we believe fashion encompasses many aspects of style. March 11-14, Aspen will be featuring the crème de la crème of everything stylish, and that includes sipping on only the best beverages while previewing all of next year’s fashions. We are fortunate enough to have William Grant & Sons as the official spirits sponsor of Aspen Fashion Week 2012, and couldn’t be more excited about offering their wide assortment of cocktails during AFW events.

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Sponsor News: FEED Projects Returns to AFW

Aspen Fashion Week is proud to name the FEED Foundation as one of our partners for 2012. The FEED Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds to ensure nutritious school means for all children as a first step to improving the global food system.

Acclaimed model and activist, Lauren Bush Lauren, co-founded the organization in 2006 when she created the FEED 1 Bag, a reversible burlap and organic cotton bag reminiscent of the bags of food distributed by WFP, to help raise funds and awareness around these school feeding operations. It was stamped with “FEED the children of the world” and the number ‘1’ to signify that each bag feeds one child in school for one year.

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